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Журнал Competition&Market

Informational and analytical magazine COMPETITION AND MARKET


The state of economy in Russia reflects the level of support of the entrepreneurship spirit in the society.

"Russia has everything for wellbeing. The entrepreneurial spirit is the only thing Russia lacks".

These words of the great D.I. Mendeleev have not lost their actuality in modern Russia as well. How productive is a dialog between the Authority and the Society? Authors and readers of the Competition and Market magazine are aware what obstacles they are continuously facing when advocating competition. And the more solidly the competitive mentality takes possession of the general public minds in Russia, the crueler and intricate form of unfair competition they witness.

For Russia it is important that the partnership of the Authority and the Entrepreneurship had a reliable, stable and open character, and we hope that our magazine would help to demonstrate all of its diversity and dynamism. At the same time it gives an opportunity for entrepreneurs to express their opinions on the most important ways to establish a blossoming economy in Russia.

The magazine believes it to be a matter of principle to support all the entrepreneurs who desire to bring direct benefits into life, and together with them to create preconditions for their personal success.

Publisher (editorial office): Konkurentnie Tehnologii LLC, 8 Bolshoy prospekt, V.O., St. Petersburg, 199304, email: info@konkir.ru

tel./fax: (812) 33-111-33

Founded in October 1998

Registration certificate PI No. FS77-60825 dated 02.03.2015 issued by the Department of the Federal Service for the Supervision in the Fields of Communication, Information Technologies and Mass Communication for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region


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