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Журнал Games and Toys. Guide Январь 2014 #1
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Журнал Games and Toys. Guide
Просмотров: 4945
Оценка читателя: 5.00 (2)

Номер и дата выпуска: №1 (Суббота, 25 Января 2014)
Периодичность: 1 номер в год
Издательство: Игры и Игрушки ООО
Страна, город издания: Россия, Москва
Язык: Английский
Количество страниц: 48 страниц
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Специальный выпуск журнала "Игры и игрушки. Гид". Издание выпущено специально к мировой выставке Spielwarenmesse 2014 в Нюрнберге. Журнал интересен специалистам игропрома, производителям и дистрибьюторам игрушек.

"Dear colleagues!Alla Romanova, chief editorThe year had flown over fast and we meet again with many of You on the biggest toy fair in Europe - Spielwarenmesse!The year has brought changes for many companies: expansion of products, partnership with distributors in other countries, products launch, creation of innovation content for goods that had lost the consumer's interest. All the achievements you will perform within the Fair to specialists and partners. We will tell about it to all our readers on the pages of the magazine. Our multimedia publishing house "Games & Toys" is the only mass media company in Russia specialized in the toys' segment for various audience: we make different magazines for consumers, specialists in education and B2B segment.The magazine, you are holding in the hands, is our advertising catalog, where Russian companies are represented which would like to attract foreign partners' attention.Some of them are looking for cooperation in production on the territory of European countries, some companies would like to offer a final product to distributors. Also we would like to highlight the information about the coming International trade fair for children's world - TOYS&KIDS RUSSIA 2014. The fair will be held in the beginning of March in Moscow on the territory of Crocus Expo. We offer you to place an advertisement in our Russian-language edition of "Games & Toys. Guide". You could find the price and contact information in the end of the magazine. If You would like to lear more about law aspects, connected with entering the Russian market, and find out details of starting a cooperation with Russian companies you could reach the company-founder of our publishing house OOO "KPFM" (LLC). All the information about the services is represented on the page 12-13.Have a good time on the fair! Let Spielwarenmesse-2014 makes Your dreams come true!"


I would like to welcome You on the pages ofour advertising edition "Games and Toys.Guide".

This magazine logically continuesour main informational background "Games and Toys". Many of You have known "Games and Toys" already, although it has been publishing from thebeginning of 2012.

This magazine is unique, becauseit is the only Russian edition, which tells awide range of readers about games and toys andhas an educational mission.

The "Games and Toys" magazine is for massreaders (from manufacturers to consumersthrough specialists' opinion), but the editionyou are keeping is for business sector (manufacturers- sellers - customers).

Forming a positive image for yours goods,describing its advantages and particular qualitiesin The «Games and Toys» magazine, You aregetting the retail demand that causes the interestof a business partners.

And now You can usethe opportunities of "Games and Toys. Guide", that is produced for trade fairs and exhibitions,where it is spread for free both print and electronicversion (subscribers and partners databases).We invite You to find more about our edition andto take part in creating the future issues of the magazine.

More we carry on cooperation - more opportunitiesYou have to announce about your business.

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Февраль, 2014
Март, 2014
Апрель, 2014
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Июнь, 2014
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